Welcome to the homepage of Little Idea Ving Tsun Kung-fu. Our objective is to research and practice martial arts. We have clubs in Croatia, Norway, USA, Thailand, and Bosnia.

Summer seminar Croatia 2014. Is all new - new place, new time, new arrangement. Please see the Summer Seminar page for more details!

Training Times Autumn 2014 have been simplified. We all practice together, with the beginners in their own group until they are skilled enough to work with the advanced students. Additionally, anyone interested in preparing for the upcoming Tui Shou (pushing hands) competitions in Nov 2014 are encouraged to voice their interest so we can start training.

Training schedule table v3

No registration reqiured - simply meet up ready to practice. The first day is free, so come and try it out!


More about us:

Our core art is Ving Tsun Kuen as Yip Man brought from Fotshan to Hong Kong and taught between 1950 and his passing in 1972. We don't do "Mixed Martial Arts", but we do enjoy looking at things from different perspectives. Therefore students also have the opportunity to train Taiji Quan (Yang) and Yi Quan at our club. More information about the respective arts can be found under "What".

The main Little Idea club is located in Zagreb, Croatia, along with three additional clubs in the Zagreb area as well as two clubs in Pula. In Bosnia there is a club in Banja Luka. In Norway, we have clubs in Stavanger and Trondheim, as well as smaller groups in Haugesund, Kristiansand and Drammen, outside of Oslo. We also have a group in the USA, administered from Norway. Click on "Where" to find out more about where you can find a Little Idea club, or to see the training schedule for the coming year.

We try to be as nonpartisan and apolitical as possible in an art fraught with politics and division. Some pages we've found useful or informative for our practice can be found under "Links".

We hope that you find much constructive and insightful information on these pages, and invite any questions or comments. You are also welcome to join us in discussing the details of practicing Ving Tsun, Yi Quan and Taiji Quan at our discussion forum (registration required).